The Faculty of Pharmacy Students Union honors the university and college leaders in recognition of their efforts and support for student activities within the college.

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 On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the Faculty of Pharmacy Students' Union honored some of the university's leaders and the college's leaders.

The Union began the ceremony by honoring:
- Mr. Major General Walid Musharraf ..... University Secretary General
- A.D. Mohammed Rifaat al-Ghobashi ..... Dean of the College
- Dr. Nabawia Moussa- College Undersecretary for Education and Students
- A.D. Samir Osman.... College Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs and Community Development
- Dr. Tarek Saad Makram.... The pioneer of university youth and the spiritual father of the Union.
The Federation sincerely thanks their sovereignty for their continued support for student activities in general and for the Union in the face of it, and we wish their sovereignty success and payment.