Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Jamal Sami President of 6th of October University 

The Scientific Society of Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University (EPSF O6U) held the book fair under the patronage and presence of 
 Prof. Iman Al-Azazi.... Vice President for Student Affairs 
And Dr. Mohamed Rifaat Al-Ghobashi ... Dean of the College 
Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tarek Saad, the leader of the association and the supervisor of the exhibition, and the presence of Prof. Dr. Nabwiyah Moussa ... Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Alaa Al-Haddad and Prof. Dr. Sabah Head of the Department of Pharmaceuticals and everyone praised the quality of the books displayed and the turnout of students from all faculties to the exhibition