a visit to Abbasiya Hospital

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 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Samir Othman - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy for Community Service and Environmental Development, the Faculty of Pharmacy participated in a visit to Abbasiya Hospital for Mental Health, which took place on Thursday, 16/11/2023. Where Dr. Hassan Jamal, Demonstrator at the College of Pharmacy and a member of the Community Service and Environmental Development Committee, participated in the visit, within the framework of the college's interest in community and cultural activities. The representatives of the hospital kindly received the visiting delegation, welcoming their presence and praising the existing cooperation and efforts made to raise awareness of the nature of the services provided by the mental health hospital in Abbasiya, and Dr. AbeerEsmat Mohamed, Director of the Social Service Department at Abbasiya Hospital, kindly introduced the services provided by the hospital to various citizens and answered many questions and inquiries by the attendees.