Biotechnology Unit Reconstructs a Medical Tests Course for Clinical and Biochemical Diagnosis Entitled "Manage your own lab"

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 After the success of unrivaled  and based on many requests , Biotechnology Unit decides to reconstruct of medical tests course 

Clinical and Biochemical Diagnosis
(Manage your own lab)
In this session is to simulate what happens in labs where each student to conduct important medical tests by himself in the end of the course the student becomes familiar with the full results of the analysis and linking the various results to infer the condition
Session to include the following analysis:
-Full of urine and urine farm analysis
- Blood and complete blood content analysis
-Liver function test
-kidney function test
-lipid profile
-Diabetes mellitus investigation
-erythro sedimentation rate
-test on Infections
-test For viruses
** Duration: 15 credit hours
** Target group: students of first year
**-Day session: 2 Saturdays of each session
** Course Date: Starting 19/11/2016
** Cost of the session: 300 Egyptian pounds
Dates of the session: from 9:00 a.m – 4 p.m.