Report on a Training Course Entitled "Basics and Applications of ELISA"

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 The organization of the first group, second and third of the training course "Basics and Applications of ELISA”was completed. This session was attended by 102 students from the third year students as a complementary to immunology course.
In this course, the student is able to detect and assess proteins and various hormones on the activities of immune or endocrine systems. Where the student can take advantage of those hormones and proteins for the types of studies as well as quantitative measurements of the types of viruses
Students were attended on days of  Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
- Monday: 31/10/2016
- Wednesday, 09.11.2016
- Saturday, 12.11.2016
Duration: 6 credit hours
It included a session on the theoretical and practical sides:
• explain the fundamentals and applications of the ELISA
• explain the synthesis of proteins and methods of biochemical reactions
• explain the difference between the Antibody and Antigen and methods of interactions
• explain the types and methods of the ELISA included the Direct ELISA, Indirect ELISA and Sandwich ELISA
• explain Thyroid gland and hormones T3, T4 and TSH (Case study)
Students were divided on the sets of each group included five students, each group prepares
• Methods of Sampling and separation
• Prepare ELISA plate and preparation of the Standard and Calibration curve
• Prepare various samples
• Ways to measure samples using ELISA reader device
• Methods of Analysis of the results using a device attached to programs

Used devices

-ELISA Reader