Report on Training Course Entitled "In-Vitro Simulation of DNA Replication"

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 The organization of the first group of the training course "In-Vitro Simulation of DNA Replication" was completed. This session was attended by 43 students from the third year students who attended the previous session "Basics of Molecular Biology"
This session supplement what has been studying the basics of molecular biology and the different ways to extract genetic material, thus, this session include to identify some of the genes and methods of separation and its complications through the genetic material which was previously isolated

In this course the student can identify and isolate specific study it and its complications for the production of bio-compounds such as proteins, enzymes and vaccines and insulin genes

Duration: 6 credit hours

Course Date: Wednesday, 02/11/2016

The session included on the theoretical and practical sides:


·        Explanation of Fundamentals and applications of PCR

·        Explanation of Gene installation

·        Explanation of Isolation of different genes

·        Explanation of Way design of the primers using specialized software

·        Explanation of The PCR device and method of dealing with the its Software

·        Explanation of Basics Agarose gel electrophoresis and used in separate samples



·        Students were divided on the sets of each group included five students, each group isolate the P53 gene and GAPGH gene through

·        Preparation of samples using the PCR kit

·        Prepare Agarose gel electrophoresis ways

·        Detection of isolated genes using a Horizontal gel electrophoresis

·        Analysis of the results using the Gel documentation system

Used devices
-Horizontal Gel electrophoresis
-Gel Documentation system