Microbiology Department and Biotechnology Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 October Organize 5th Year Graduation Project Entitled:"Pharmaceutical Biotechnology"

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 (Classical and Genetical Classification and Characterization of Bacterial Contamination on Valid and Expired Drugs and Cosmetics)

-Students tested different groups of valid and expired drugs and cosmetics as 9 types of Maskra, 3 types of eye drops, Salvix, Tosicsn and Rose Water

-Students used different types of means to isolate bacterial contamination on expired cosmetics and drugs as Nutrient Agar, EMB and Manetol Salt Agar

-Slide preparations for different types of bacteria and testing for grame positive and negative bacteria

-Using CX31microscope supported with live camera to examine prepared slides

-The bacterial contamination is E.Coli, Micrococcus Lutius, Staphylococcus Aureus, Psedumonas and Lactobacillus

-Preparation serial dilutions and test the bacterial concentrations (Turbidmetric test)

Now, students are preparing samples for validity test, colony counting, sensitivity tests and molecular identification next weeks