Students' Activities Day – Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University

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 The Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University, has organized a students' activities' Day on Monday the 14th of  November 2016 in order to introduce its different students' activities to new comers and to draw attention to the ongoing scientific activities. Three students' organizations participated:

1. The Scientific society -Egyptian pharmacy students federation (EPSF)
2. (The Best Life) students' organi
3. Pharmacy student quality assurance team (PSQAT) students' organization
Each and every organization and society introduced its activities to the attending students and staff members. The event was honored by the presence of Prof. Dr. Aly Talaat - Vice President of the University for Students and Education Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Koheil - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mr. Ahmed Allam - the Manager of "Youth Care", and all youth care authorities in the University attended too.
All the guests were impressed by the effective and leading role of the different organizations in introducing the students to real effective scientific and social practice in order to serve the community and develop their skills