Training of Faculty of Pharmacy Students in Astra Zenica Pharmaceutical Company and a Celebrating Event

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 On Tuesday the 15th of November 2016 and under Prof. Dr. Mahmoud koheil auspices, a celebrating event was held in the Faculty of Pharmacy, where pharmacy students who participated in Astra Zenica Pharmaceutical Company training were given their end of training certificates. Representatives of the prestigious company were attending the event. Both Dr. Samar Sedky - the Company's Public Relations Manager - and Dr. Ahmed Hussein the Summer Training Manager in Astra Zenica presented the certificates to the (38) students who completed their training successfully. In addition to that, they presented two job opportunities to the (2) excelling students (Amira Moustafa) and (Mahmoud Abd El salam) once they finish their 5th year studies and graduate.

The training course included:
1. Three days theoretical course in the faculty concerning on the communication skills in pharmaceuticals marketing.
2. Practical training for (45) days where students practice real marketing skills among pharmacy stores, clinics and hospitals dealing with physicians and pharmacists.
The training course has been completed with such a success that Astra-Zenica pharmaceuticals have shown its intentions to complete its co-operation with October 6 University, Faculty of Pharmacy in this field and congratulated the Faculty for its students' high academic qualities.