A Report on the the Faculty of Pharmacy Students' Visit to the Children's Cancer Hospital 57357

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 Under the auspices of Prof. Mahmoud Kohil, the Committee of Community Service, Faculty of Pharmacy,  visited the Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 on Sunday, 11/20/2016.

§  The Committee staff supported the children of the hospital with some gifts and toys in addition to raising funds.

§  Donations were deposited for the benefit of children and then the tour began at the hospital to see the children and distribute gifts and toys for them.

§  The tour also included a visit to October 6 University Pharmacy.

§  It also included taking photos of the children with the University students.

The students who participated in the visit:

1.    Ahmed Abdel Ghani

2.    Asmaa Ibrahim Allam

3.    Kareman Kamal

4.    Aliaa Ahmed

5.    Sarah Ashraf

6.    Aya Ashraf Abdul Rahim

7.    Iman Magdy

8.    Mohammed Ayman Sweden

9.    Ahmed Abdel Gawad

10.        Alaa Al-sayed

11.        Aliaa Malik

12.        The students were accompanied by Dr. Rabab Ahmed, a member of the Committee.