Important Announcement for Faculty of Pharmacy Students

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 We are glad to announce for the commencement of a special workshop entitled: "Gene Cloning: from Theory to Bench"


Biotechnology Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy, O6U is holding 5 days workshop entitled; Essential Lab Skills & Molecular Biology Techniques Workshop: from Theory to Bench

The workshop provides:  the gain of some practical skills as follows:

*Have a good knowledge of the biochemical basis of the molecular biology techniques
*Use all the equipments regularly used in DNA manipulation
*Prepare chemical solutions & reagents to the precision appropriate for the task
*Preparation of Competent cells
*Independently clone gene into a plasmid vector (starting from DNA & RNA extraction, reversing transcription, primer design and polymerase chain reaction (PCR), ligation, plasmid extraction, restriction digestion, bacterial transformation ending with Blue White Screening)

**ً Workshop duration: 30 credit hours
** Days: Sunday to Thursday
** Dates: 29/1/2016- 2/2/2016 (10 am - 4 pm)
**Fees: 600 L.E.
(Including handouts and Certificates)