Report on 5th Level Students' Activities Related to Production and Manufacture of Medicinal Plants

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 The team of Production and Manufacture of Medicinal Plants held a special day to present the activities of 5th year students on Thursday 8/12/2016 entitled “Criticism of Some Herbal Pharmaceutical Products in the Egyptian Market”

Under the auspices of:

·       Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Attia Seida – President of October 6 University

·       Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Kohil - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Under the supervision of:

·       Dr/ Dalia Mohamed Rashid – Lecturer of Pharmacognosy

·       Dr/ Amr Mohamed Saad Elddin - Lecturer of Pharmacognosy

·       Dr/ Ayat Mohamed Emad - Assistant Lecturer of Pharmacognosy

·       Dr/ Rabea Hussein – Demonstrator of Pharmacognosy

The activity day included the following events:
1. Forty nine natural pharmaceutical products in the Egyptian market (area of practical study during the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017) were divided into six groups according to the pharmacological effect of these preparations.
2. Each group was given its own color (Special Theme).
3. The students of each product (average of 10 students for each product) were free to be creative in displaying the products, in coordination with other different groups, to ensure the diversity of activities and creations.
4.These various natural pharmaceutical products in the Egyptian markets under study, was presented by using different cut outs, scientific posters (posters), advertising and extension bulletins (Flyers), and advertising guidelines and flags.
5. The students performed so many different artistic activities reflecting criticism of some of these products (pros and cons) through criticism plays, television interviews and Puppet Theater, in addition to a performance of how to receive patients in pharmacies and medical support to them.
6. On the sidelines of students’ activity day: students made a full criticism of products (pros and cons) in multiple aspects including medicine tray shape - information available on the medication tray - availability of internal bulletin (prescription) - the nature of the stated information in the prescription (in terms of inclusiveness and accuracy) - Marketing - sales - medicines competition size (price) - scientific and economic opinion of the pharmaceutical composition - the physical properties of the drug (the taste - color - smell - size).
7. Fifty invitations were designed, printed and distributed to the oriented academic and administrative leaderships of the University beside the faculty members at the Faculty of Pharmacy – including the activity day program. Prof.Dr / Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Kohil - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Prof. Dr. /Nabawya Abdulaziz - Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs attended the event along with many of the teaching staff and ancillary staff members of the Faculty and took part with the students who competed in presenting the activities mentioned previously.

1.      Each activity of students was assessed and judged by Dr/Dalia Mohamed Rashid and Dr/ Amr Mohamed Saad Elddin – Course Coordinators (in order to assess each student research group of 10 degrees).

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this successful students' activities day:

·       Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Attia Seada – Head chief of October 6 University

·       Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Kohil - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

·       Mr/ Talaat Kenawy – Director of General of Administrative Affairs.

·       Engineer / Mohamed Mokhtar - Director of Engineering administration.

·       Mrs/ Youssra Ahmed - Director of the Department of International Cultural Relations.

·       Mr/ Ayman Abdel Salam - Director of Internal Oversight.

·       Staff of Production and Manufacture of Medicinal plants.

·       Dear 5th year students of 2016/2017.

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