Briefed Report on the First Training Course in the Field of Molecular Modeling and Drug Design

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 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr./ Ahmed Attia - President of October 6 University and Prof.Dr / Mahmoud Kohil - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Drug Design Unit organized a training course entitled" Molecular Docking and its Applications in the Design and Discovery of the Drug", from December 18th to 20th , 2016 at the unit (laboratory no. 1013 -  Mustafa Kamel Building),which aims at giving a definition and a training on modern software such as software applications (MOE 2016) which is universally applied by the Canadian Chemical Group.

Members of the faculty and researchers from the faculties of Pharmacy of different universities: Helwan - Tanta - Ahram Canadian - Modern Technology and Informatics (MTI) - familiar - National Research Centre - International Atomic Energy Authority took part in these sessions.
The program included lectures and practical exercises as follows:
First: (Morning lectures)

1)   Software applications in the discovery and design of medication by: (Prof. Dr / Nadia Mohamed Ahmed Mahfouz, professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and coordinator of the session).
2) Chemistry of amino acids and proteins by:  (Prof Dr./ Atef Tadros - a professor of biochemistry and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research).
3) The transmission and molecular applications by: (Dr/ Khalid Mohammed Oqaily - lecturer of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University).
4) The fundamentals of molecular modeling (Dr/ Manal Abdul Aziz Nael - Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University).



Second practical exercises (Evening)
Demonstrators of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department took part in the course under the supervision of Dr/ Khalid Mohammed Oqaily.


At the end of the session the trainees praised the distinguished scientific level of the course, the organization, the efficiency of the trainers and the commitment to the program session.

They also addressed the fact that this field is one of the modern fields of interest to researchers at the moment as they keep pace with scientific progress in the design of the drug using the advanced technologies.

According to Prof Dr/ Nadia Mohamed Ahmed Mahfouz coordinator of the session, the unit will organize a comprehensive and specialized training program over several sessions during the academic year.