A Report: October 6 University Wins the 10th Place in DUPHAT; A Research Conference

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 A delegation from O6U made their way to DUPHAT (7th to 9th March).

The members were:
Ass. Proff. Dr. Samir Osman
Nour Ali 4th year student
Salma Ibrahim 5th year student
El Shima Khalifa 5th year student 
Dorya Galab 5th year student
Estabrak Ali 5th year student
 Presenting 4 posters from the Pharmaceutical department and one professional poster, Nour Ali Abdelmonem won a 10th place award for her poster entitled:
Isolation of Trigonilline Major Metobolite from fenugreek seeds Extract
The poster is one of the integrative studies done by students of 4th year. 
 Salma Ibrahim, another student, has also won a 1st place prize in a scientific competition held by the conference. 
 The delegation is grateful to October 6 University represented in Faculty of Pharmacy for the effective financial and spiritual support, and looking forward to more progress and success