The Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University Announces the Organization of a Field Training at Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital for Fourth and Fifth Year Students

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 The Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University announces the organization of clinical training at Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital for fourth and fifth year students for two weeks. The training opportunity will be available in July and August.


Training will include:

• Introduction to clinical pharmacology and the role of clinical pharmacists in solving and avoiding medical problems related to medicine.
• Training in the selection and use of accredited medical sources and websites to answer any drug’s questions, and the ability to assess the source and accessibility of the information.
• Training in dealing with patient files to learn the history of disease, diagnosis and various medical tests and pharmacotherapy and then follow-up cases.
• Training in patient counseling.
• Training in the role of pharmacist in the development of nursing skills.
• Present a specialized lecture to identify cases and treatment methods according to the approved protocols used.
• Practical training in the use of patient follow-up forms.
• Hands-on answer to Drug Information Request
• Attend daily passage with doctors and view the recommendations of the clinical pharmacist
• Evaluate the trainee through a Case Examination or Assessment

The trainee will receive a certificate stating that the student has completed (72) hours of clinical training accredited by Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital and Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University – Fees are 1500 LE paid in Ahmed Maher Hospital