The Cultural Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy Organizes a Trip to Moez-Eldeen-Allah Historical Street

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 On the 8th of April 2017, the cultural committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy, under the supervision of Dr. Sherifa Fahmy and Dr. Dalia Rasheed and with the participation of 40 students, organized a trip to 13 historical and Islamic sites including, Kalawoon Mosque, School, Hospital and Tomb from the 13th century, , Ibn Barkook Mosque, Al Sultan Enal Arabian Bath, Prince Beshtak Palace, El-Selehdar Mosque, School and Charity Water Source, Kat-Khoda Charity Water Source and School, El-Sehemy House, Al-Akmar Mosque and Al-Hakem-be-amr-Allah Mosque. The visit included Cairo old walls and gates. There was a stop for refreshments in one of the historical cafes in the area.