Microbiology and Immunology Department - Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University Thanks 1st and 2nd Year Students

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 Microbiology and Immunology Department expresses its deep thanks and appreciation to the 1st and 2nd year students for their efforts throughout the semester to link what is taught in microbiology theoretically and practically in the following three forms:

1.    Handmade maquette

2.    Awareness videos

3.    Researches


The results were very great and perfect thanks to:Awareness groups who have provided community service and educational culture which may change many habits and misconceptions within schools and public places.

The groups responsible for making videos about smoking, hepatitis and personal hygiene and its relationship to immunization, as well as some videos were made about the proper food, habits of life, and its impact on human health. They also provided awareness about the nature of bacteria and their importance in the natural balance, either negatively or positively.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Kohil (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Applied Arts staff who encourage students and supervise their production.

The Staff Team of Microbiology Department because they are the one behind this production.