A Lecture by Prof.Dr. Kheir Eldin Abdellatif under the Rubric of "The world's Language" at the Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University

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 The Faculty of Pharmacy,  October 6 University, represented by its Dean Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Koheil and the Cultural Committee headed by Dr. Shreifa Fahmy and Dr. Dalia Rashad, invited Dr. Kheir Eldin Abdellatif, on Monday 15th of May 2017, to deliver a lecture under the rubric "The world's Language" in the VIP lecture hall at the Faculty of Engineering premises. He accepted the invitation and the lecture was attended by a large number of audience from the staff members and students. The subject of the lecture included the explanation of the new rules that are required to connect with others, whether individually or internationally. These rules include among other things, law and social justice, good governance, sustainability, and human rights.