The Student Conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy-October 6 University for the Academic Year 2016/2017

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On April 14, 2017, The Academic Guidance and Support Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University, hold a concert to honor outstanding students and staff members, which was headed by Prof. Dr. Soheir Abdullah Alnahhas (Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy) in the presence of both:

§  Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Kohil (Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University)

§  Prof. Dr. Nabawya Abdel Aziz Abdel Gawad (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy for Student Affairs)

§  With many of the faculty staff, students and parents.

The honored ones:

- The top five from each level

- The ideal student of the Faculty for the academic year 2016/2017 (Ahmed Mohamed Abu Al-Su'oud)

- The Committee of community participation and development of the environment.

- The Scientific Assembly (EPSF)

- The best life student’s family

- The staff members and students who represented the Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University – abroad at the Dubai International Conference (DUPHAT).

- The Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy represented by Dr/Tarek Saad Makram, and Dr/Sahar Mustafa Fayez who are responsible for industrial pharmacy projects of the 5th year students. This was to encourage the students and to participate in the Dubai International Conference (DUPHAT), noting that two instrument have been already with at that Conference. The student/ Shaimaa Helmy Khalifa, was honored for representing the instrument (Spray Dryer) in the conference. And also the student/ Salma Ibrahim was honored for representing the instrument (Liquid filing machinethey were honored also for obtaining other awards on the sidelines of the DUPHAT Conference for their participation in different competitions in this conference.

- The Department of Pharmacognosy represented by Asst.Prof.Dr. Samir Osman and Dr/Jilan Nazim were honored for their adoption of the project of (Integrative study) between the students and the various scientific departments as Dr/Shady Mohamed and the following students (Dorriya Youssef – Estabrak Mahmoud - Nour Ali Sheeishaa) participated with three researches at the Dubai International Conference. One of these researches of already got the award of this Conference

-Dr/Abdullah Mohamed (Teaching Assistant, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology) and that for his distinguished scientific.

A distinguished group of talented students participated whether by painting, playing music, singing and writing poetry in the ceremony live who were welcomed, honored, encouraged and thanked for their efforts in this concert, such as:



Academic level

Maryem Al-Moghazi


3rd year

Rowan Atef


2nd year

Abd-Alrahman Al-hawary


2nd year

Mina Gamil and Mohamed Ibrahim

Poetry ( Home)

1st year

Ammar Almamoon

Poetry ( Egypt)

3rd year

Mahmoud Zahran

Singing (In love of Egypt)

4th year

Ahmed Abd-Algawwad

Poetry (Alienation)


3rd year

Aya Ashraf

Poetry  (my mother)

1st year

Karim Mohamed

Singing (sugar)

3rd year

Esraa Mohamed

Poetry (I fall in love)

2nd year

Moaz Rasmy

Poetry (for your eyes)

3rd year

Ahmed Rabee

Poetry (Don’t be sad)

4th level

Amal Medhat


4th level

Radwa Hassan

Piano (Enta Omry)

2nd level

Mohamed Samir


2nd level

Reem Mohamed


2nd level

This Ceremony was ended by a speech by  Dr. Sameh Atef Abdel-Hai- Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Miracle Pharma Pharmaceutical – who is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University of the academic year 2004 in order to provide advice and expertise for students and answer their questions and inquiries. The Committee thanked Dr./ Sameh  for his precious advices and also thanked the student group of (PSQAT) on their efforts in organizing this event.

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