A Report on the Summer Clinical Training for the Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at October 6 University Hospital in Cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine

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Training Mandate:

Faculty of Pharmacy Staff:
§  Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Kohil (Dean of the faculty)
§  Dr. Rabab Ahmed (Demonstrator, Department of Clinical Pharmacy - Primary Manager for Training by the Faculty of Pharmacy)
§  Hagar Belal Ahmed (Demonstrator, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology - Secondary Manager of Training, Faculty of Pharmacy)
Faculty of Medicine Staff:
Prof. Dr. Dawlat Al-Meligy (Dean of the Faculty)
Prof. Dr. Amira Hamed (Vice Dean and Director of the Center for Continuing Medical Training)
Number of Students Participating in the Training:
Seventy Five students from different academic levels were trained: (Students were then divided into 8 groups)
§  Third level: (23) students
§  Fourth level: (45) students
§  Fifth level: (7) students
Nature of training:
- The training is divided into 3 main sections as follows:
1- Training in outpatient clinics at October 6 University Hospital.
2 - Attend lectures given by professors of the Faculty of Medicine on topics related to diseases and cases spread among patients, as well as lectures received by Dr. Rabab Ahmed on clinical pharmacy.
3. Activities such as conducting awareness campaigns for patients or conducting presentations in the presence of training officials to be evaluated scientifically and technically.
- The training also includes a sub-section where 21 students were trained in the emergency department.
Training process:
The training was conducted regularly, professionally and cooperatively by all the participants in the training, whether training officials from the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Medicine or the students

On the student side, all the students expressed their admiration and enthusiasm for the training period, expressing their practical and scientific benefit, stressing their acquiring of new skills and experiences in dealing with the doctors concerned and patients, and identifying the various medical conditions and how to deal with them.