A Report on Field Training for Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University, at October Pharma Factory

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 Under the supervision of the Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University and the leadership of Dr. Sahar Fayez (Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy) and in coordination with October Pharma Company represented by Dr/ Helmy Mohamed (Training Manager) and in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy – Ahram Canadian University, the first training session was held in October Pharma Company in all its departments. Thirteen students from October 6 University and Ahram Canadian University were divided into 3 groups over the course of two consecutive weeks as follows:

Type of training activity


§  Factory field tour.
§  Lecture on GMP, QC and QA delivered by Dr. Mohamed Helmi, (Training Manager).




§  A tour at the Quality Assurance Department with Dr. Ahmed Sabry, Head of the Department.



§  A tour within the Department of Development and Research with Dr. Wajih Abdul Hakim and Dr. Sahar Abdul Rahman, Heads of the Department


§  A tour at the Department of Quality Control with Dr. Sahar Abdel Rahman, Head of the Department



§  A tour at the Department of stores with Mr/ Ayman Abdel Aziz and Occupational Safety and Health Management with Mr. Essam Al Khayyat.



§  A tour at the Production Department with Dr. Amjad Khalil, Head of the Department.






§  The training provided: a theoretical explanation of all that is done within each department, an exploratory tour inside the department, and some practical experiments.
§  It also familiarized the students with the mechanism of the all the devices used in manufacturing, linking the theoretical part studied in the Faculty with the applied part while in the factory.
§  The Training included watching and simulating the life cycle of the pharmaceutical product from the moment of receipt of the raw materials through all the production steps to the final product.
§  Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Gawad delivered a lecture about "Time Management and Communication Skills"

On the student side, all students expressed their admiration and enthusiasm for the training period, expressing their practical, scientific and technical benefit, stressing their new skills and experiences, opening up new horizons for new jobs and establishing new relationships with their friends.