Pharmacy Management and the Way to Deal with B-Connect E-Plus Program in Pharmacy Workshop in Collaboration with Demo Pharmacy

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 On Thursday 6/7/2017, O6U Demo Pharmacy trained 20 students on Modern Pharmacy Management.

The Workshop Dealt with the following Topics:

§  How to choose a place to set up a pharmacy.

§  How to process.

§  Cost of medication.

§  Attendance and departure of employees.

§  Pirchasing medicines.

§  Sales operations.

§  How to increase profits.

§  Prevent money theft.

§  Prevent drug theft.

§  How to get rid of expired medicines

§  Determine salaries and marketing.

§  The practical training of the program and training of students on sales and purchases, the way to recover and the way to alternate a shift of a pharmacist.

The number of students participating in the workshop:

A number of 20 students from different academic levels participated in the workshop, in addition to Faculty of Pharmacy students from Sinai University and Ain Shams University. Dr. Hani Goda (Kafr El Sheikh University) also attended this session.

A number of questionnaires and certificates of attendance were distributed to students participating in the course.

The organizers:

§  Asst. Prof. Dr. / Samir Osman (Supervisor of Pharmacognosy Department – Workshop Coordinator)

§  Dr / Khaled Elsayed Mahmoud (Demonstrator of Pharmaceutics Department supervisor of administrative, organization and advertising matters of the Demo Pharmacy).

§  Mr/ Mohamed Fathy

§  Mr. / Ayman Ahmed

§  Eng. / Mohammed Hassan