First Level Students, Faculty of Pharmacy, Visit to the Library of October 6 University

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 The Faculty of Pharmacy and October 6 University Central Library coordinated to receive the Faculty newcomers on Monday 25/9/2017 accompanied with the Faculty staff members.

First: Faculty staff and coordinators of the visit:
1. Dr. Abeer Mohammed Al-Saeed Hassan (Lecturer of Analytical Chemistry)
2. Dr. Fakhir Mohamed Salem (Lecturer of Organic Chemistry)
3. Dr. Mohamed Abou El Wafa Salem (Lecturer of Organic Chemistry)

Second: the assisting staff members from the Department of Chemistry:
1. Assistant Lecturer / Sherif Mohamed Eid
2. Manar Omar
3. Sarah Ibrahim Zaki
4. Mohammed Hassanein Attieh
5. Mohammed Jamal Bahiri
6. Nadi Idris

Students were divided into groups in alphabetical order and moved from university headquarters to the library by university buses. At the beginning of the visit, students went to the Digital Library Hall, which contains the EBSCO database, and then they checked the bookshelves of the Faculty of Pharmacy located in the second floor to be familiarized with the books divisions. 

The Faculty staff also explained and used examples of how to collect scientific materials and how to use them research topics that serve the field of pharmaceutical sciences using scientific references available in the library or through the Internet.