Field Training Certificate Distribution Ceremony to the Pharmaceutical Companies: SEDICO and OCTOBER Pharma

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Field training certificate distribution ceremony was held on Thursday, 26/10/2017,  attended by Dr. Yousry Mohammed Abdullah (Director of Training and Human Development of SEDICO Pharmaceutical Company) and Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad (Training Manager, October Pharma Pharmaceutical Company) in the presence of Prof. Dr. Nabawya  Abd Al-Aziz (Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University for Student and Education Affairs) And Dr. Tarek Saad (October 6 University's Youth Pioneer and member of the Field Training Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University).

About 35 students were trained at a factory in SEDICO for a full week in various departments such as control and research departments, drug manufacturing and beverage manufacturing, also, approximately 10 students were trained at OCTOBER Pharma factory, who were praised by Dr. Yousry Mohamed Abdullah and Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad .