Agricultural Wastes as a New Style of Teaching

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 Fourth year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University made a trip to the actual labor market of medicinal plants and their derivatives on Saturday 7/10/2017 under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Samir Osman (Supervisor of Pharmacognosy Department) and Dr. Nourhan Hassan (Demonstrator in Pharmacognosy Department).

The students witnessed the process of extracting fixed oils from apricot seeds, which are agricultural waste used to extract raw materials for export and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and this is a step of the practical steps of the project of the practical part of the course of the 4th year, Phytochemistry.

The students squeezed apricot seeds and extracted of fixed oil. Later on, they made a tour to discover the landmarks of Cairo, visited Al- Moez Street and Khan Al-Khalili, and then they moved back at five o'clock after a day full of information and entertainment.
This journey resulted in the exchange of experiences and the opening of discussion between students and Faculty staff of creating a new pattern of thinking and application in the fields of work, and this experience received a lot of welcome from students after a scientific and practical tour.

This educational approach is based on the foundations of sustainable educational development and competency-based education