Report on the first training course for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University entitled: Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur (Pharmaceutical Business Administration)

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Under patronage of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Kohil (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University) and Prof. Dr. Nabaweya Mousa (Vice Dean for Student Affairs - Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University), a training course entitled "Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur (Pharmaceutical Business Administration) was held and delivered by Dr.Amr Sukkar (Master and PhD in Business Administration)
Training Included the Following Topics:

1.    Knowing of How to Organize Operation.

2.    Leadership Styles, Decision Making Process.

3.    Entrepreneurship.

4.    Management Function.

5.    Vision, Mission and Values.

6.    The Business Model.

7.    Locating and positioning the pharmacy.

Number of Students Participating in the Training:
280 students were trained
• The fourth level: 190 students
• The Fifth level: 190 students.
On the student side, all students expressed their admiration and enthusiasm of the training, expressing their scientific benefit, stressing their acquisition of new skills and experience in dealing, which qualifies the student to deal with the labor market professionally.