The Second Visit of the Faculty of Pharmacy Students to the Library of the of October 6 University for the Academic Year 2017/2018

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Coordination between the Faculty of Pharmacy Administration and the Administration of the Library of October 6 University was elicited to receive the students of the first, second and third levels on Tuesday, 21/11/2017. Some of faculty members accompanied the students in the visit are:

1- First: Faculty Staff:
Dr. Abeer Mohamed El Said Hassan (Lecturer of Analytical Chemistry)
Dr. Fakher Mohamed Salem (Lecturer of Organic Chemistry)
Dr. Mohamed Abou El Wafa Salem (Lecturer of Organic Chemistry)
Dr. Azza Taher Shalaby (Professor of Organic Chemistry)

2- Second: Demonstrators and research students:
Assistant Lecturer / Sherif Mohamed Eid (Department of Analytical Chemistry)
Assistant Professor Michael Kamel (Department of Analytical Chemistry)
Dr. Manar Omar (Demonstrator, Department of Analytical Chemistry)
Dr. Sarah Ibrahim Zaki (Demonstrator, Department of Organic Chemistry)
Mohamed Hassanein Attia (Demonstrator, Department of Organic Chemistry) 
Dr. Mohamed Jamal Bahiri (Demonstrator, Department of Organic Chemistry) 
Dr. Mona Abdel Rahman (Demonstrator, Department of Analytical Chemistry)
Dr. Shaima Syed (Demonstrator, Department of Analytical Chemistry) 
Dr. Nadi Idris (Research student, Department of Organic Chemistry)

3- Students are classified into alphabetical order.
4- Number of students: 773 students.
5- Number of faculty members 4 and number of demonstrators are 13
6- Students moved from the university headquarters to the library and vice versa by university buses.
7- Students were discussed in research topics related to the chemistry course.
8- The students then went to the Digital Library Hall, which contains the university's shared EBSCO database, which is available free of charge to students in the library.
9- The students then went to the bookshelves of the Faculty of Pharmacy located in the second floor to identify them and how to divide them according to different scientific disciplines.
10- The demonstrators explained and used examples of how to collect scientific topics and arrange and how to use them in the work of research topics that serve the field of pharmaceutical sciences using scientific references available in the library or through the Internet.
11- Students are also introduced to computer-equipped classrooms that are available to students and connected to the Internet.
12- Students were also informed about the existence of collections of books in literary and social fields in the first round of the library.