The Project of Industrial Pharmacy for the Fifth Year Students Entitled "Innovative Ideas for Students of the Fifth Year of the Development of Devices Used in the Medicinal Manufacture"

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 In order to produce the highest level of efficiency from the pharmacist in the community, the Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy celebrated the project of innovative ideas for the fifth year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, In the presence of the major pharmaceutical companies and members of the pharmacy syndicate and researchers in the field of pharmacy, where the special devices were presented in a complete production line for tablets as well as the extraction, separation and packaging of fluids that were developed by the students on Tuesday, 12/12/2017. There was collaboration between the Pharmaceutics Department and the Pharmacognosy Department in the development of several devices.

Devices which were selected this year:
Basket centrifuge Spray dryer Fluidized bed dryer
Coating pan Tablet press Liquid filling machine
Conical screw mixer Rotary drum filter Fluidized bed granulator
Continuous centrifuge Distillatory, Chiller Disk centrifuge
Colloidal mill High sheer mixer Evaporating pan
Hummer mill

Project goals:
Students acquire many learning skills and experience in scientific research and encourage students to think, develop and prepare students for the labor market.

Many guests of honor and seniors were invited to this event as the General Union of Pharmacists and many pharmaceutical companies such as Ramida, October Pharm, Hikma, Moryat Biofarm, United Pharmacists and Sedico. Misr and El-Ezabi pharmacies also participated. Many faculties of pharmacy at various universities such as the Misr University - Al-Ahram Canadian University, which brought a group of students to participate and benefit from this event).

The audience was impressed by the enthusiasm of the students, their excellent organization, and excellence in the presentation of their devices, their understanding of the requirements of the drug market and how to link the curriculum with practical application.

Sincere thanks to the staff of industrial pharmacy for encouraging students and their collective work under the leadership and supervision of Dr. Sahar Fayez and Dr. Tarek Makram. And also special thanks to the PSQAT team under the leadership of the student/ Ahmed Al-Shazly in organizing this day with such precision and to receive Guests and their distinctive follow-up. Finally thanking all the thanks to the bright minds of the students of the fifth year wish them success and success.