Medical Convoy to Al-Warraq with the Participation of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Dentistry

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 On Tuesday, 3/11/2017, a medical convoy was carried out to Warraq Al-Arab with the participation of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Dentistry - October 6 University. The convoy was received by Mr. Saad Saad Bedir (Representatives of Al-Warraq in the Parliament), who welcomed the medical team, who establish dental clinics and a pharmacy.

Team of the Faculty of Pharmacy:

1- Dr. Saad Jamal Tohamy (Teaching Assistant and Member of the Community Participation and Environmental Development Committee)
2- Ahmed Abdel-Jawad Abdel-Nabi (4th year student)
3 - Omnia Jamal Mahmoud (4th year student)

Team of the Faculty of Dentistry:

Prof. Dr. Maged Anwar
1- Surgery (Dr. Khaled Karkar, Dr. Yasmeen Khaled, Dr. Ahmed Al Taweel, Dr. Abu Bakr Saber, Dr. keroless Nader)
2 - Pediatric Dentistry (Dr. Kholoud Shaaban - Dr. Shorouq Mansour - Dr. Lamia Said - Dr. Mai Abdel Hamid)
3 - Oral Medicine and Dental Diagnosis (Dr. / Mohamed Hassan - Dr / Iman Haggag - Dr. Mai Daoud)
4. Fillers (Dr. Ahmed Gamal, Dr. Ahmed Khafagy, Dr. Ramy Ahmed)

During the convoy, a questionnaire was distributed to measure the satisfaction of the people served and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the convoy.