A Report on the Achievements of the Student Research Project under the Rubric “Simulation of the Methods of Detecting a New Pharmaceutical Product from a Natural Product for Use in Cases of Cancer and Viral Infection - Multidisciplinary MDP Project”

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Under patronage of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Kohil (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Chairman of the Field Training Committee), many achievements were gained during the first semester of the student research project under the rubric “Simulation of the Methods of Detecting a New Pharmaceutical Product from a Natural Product for Use in Cases of Cancer and Viral Infection - Multidisciplinary MDP Project”, in the belief of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the importance and necessity of scientific research and training of the Faculty students on the correct curriculum and according to its vision and its developed message of educational means and methods of education and contemporary learning

Which include:

General lectures included the importance of scientific research and how to search through internet networks in scientific references. Dr. Sameh Abu-El Enein (owner and president of Merkel Pharma) and Dr. Salma Ibrahim (graduate of the 2017 and member of Galaxo Smith Klein company)

Theoretical lectures and applied workshops on methods of extracting active plant materials in the pharmacognosy laboratories in coordination and cooperation with the tissue culture unit where Dr. Soad Zakaria and Dr. Dina Mustafa (members of the tissue culture unit and lecturers in Pharmacology and Toxicology Department) held theoretical lectures included lectures to treat cancer cells by plants and follow up the results.

Training in the Department of Genetic Engineering - Department of Microbial Biotechnology and Antiviruses on the methods of laboratory experiments against viruses in coordination with Dr. Mohsen Askar (Training Officer of the National Research Center) in cooperation with Dr. Mahmoud Imam in the Pharmaceutical Division.

Training process:

The training is conducted regularly and cooperatively between the departments and the participants in the training. The students are contacted through Facebook page "MDP Faculty of Pharmacy O6U 17/18" and also on Schoology through the access code SXDMJ-3H98C, at which Presentation and discussion of scientific material were done.

Number of participating students and groups:

·         Sixty two students are trained in two modules.

·         Thirty four research elements were identified from nature (20 plants tested for anti-cancer properties and 14 volatile oil whose antiviral properties are tested and selected according to specific criteria)

·         The students were divided into 7 groups (3 groups to work on volatile oils and 4 groups to work on plants).

Training Period:

Students are trained over a full academic year divided into two semesters during the 2017-2018 academic years.

Responsibility for training during the first semester:

·         Dr. Jilan Abdul Aziz Nazim (Lecturer, Pharmacognosy Department) - Project Coordinator

·         Dr. Soad Zakaria (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology)

·         Dr. Dina Mustafa (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology)

·         Dr. Youssef Mohamed Sharaf (Demonstrator, Pharmacognosy Department)

·         Dr. Hala Shaaban (Demonstrator, Pharmacognosy Department)

·         Dr. Shaimaa Khalifa (Demonstrator, Pharmaceutics Department)