Report about Clinical Pharmacy Training Program of Faculty of Pharmacy October 6 University at Al-Amal Hospital in Al Mohandesen for the academic year 2017- 2018

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 Under supervision Prof Dr Mahmoud Ahmed kohil (Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University), The Faculty of Pharmacy organized clinical pharmacy training at Al Amal Hospital in Al-Mohandesen in the mid-year vacation from 28/1/2018 to 8/2/2018.

Training was divided into 3 main parts

1. Clinical rotation at ICU, intermediate ICU and CCU of Al-Amal Hospital

2. Lectures about important topics related to clinical pharmacy practice by experts in clinical pharmacy and American Board of Pharmacotherapy certified clinical pharmacists

3. Case presentation about certain patients followed up by students

§  Topics of lectures

-         Neuro critical Care (Ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke)

-         Liver diseases (Portal hypertension, ascites, hepatic encephalopathy and hepatorenal Syndrome)

-         Deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis

-         Stress ulcer prophylaxis

-         Renal diseases (Acute and chronic renal failure)

-         All types of pneumonia (Hospital acquired, community acquired pneumonia and ventilator associated pneumonia)

-          Types of Shock (Septic shock and cardiogenic shock )

§  Topics of case presentation   

-         Case presentation on myasthania gravis disease

-         Case presentation on  post abdominal surgery

-         Case presentation  on ischemic stroke

-         Case presentation on acute coronary syndrome

Training process:

The training was conducted regularly, professionally and cooperatively by all the participants in the training, whether training from the Faculty of Pharmacy or the training officials from Al Amal Hospital or the students as follows:

1- Preparation of Logbook for student attendance and calculate the number of training hours (Hospital trainers)

1-    Make schedules for the distribution of students on intensive care and lectures (Hospital trainers)

2-    Distribution of students 'forms for the initial assessment of students' level (Dr. Ahmed Essam)

3-    Lecturers by clinical pharmacists and lecturers of the US Board (Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa, Dr. Mahmoud Khalifa, Dr. Imam Mahmoud and Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoud)
4-    Communicating with students and publishing ads - Communicating with Dr. Ahmed Essam personally or by telephone or through the group of training on whatsapp
5-    Follow-up of the training process (Dr. Ahmed Essam)
6-    Distribution of questionnaire to students to measure their satisfaction with training - over the period of training (Dr. Ahmed Essam)
7-    Distribute a student assessment to all hospital training officers to evaluate students participating in the training
8-    Conducting discussion sessions on the patients' case presentations
9-    Distribution of training certificates (Dr. / Ahmed Essam)