The Criterion of Scientific Research Organizes a Symposium Entitled: "How to Write a Successful Research Paper and Principles of Scientific Publishing"

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 Based on the survey of the training needs of the Criterion Of Scientific Research, the Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University represented by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Kohil - Dean of the Faculty and Head of Scientific Research Criterion, Dr. Dalia Rashid invited Prof. Mohamed Ali Farag, Professor at Department of Pharmacognosy, Cairo University, and Professor at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, American University in Cairo. (The winner of 13 international awards and more than 100 scientific researches published in major international journals in the field of plant biology)

The symposium was held in the VIP stadium, engineering building on Sunday, 4/3/2018 in the presence of the Faculty Vice Dean, faculty members, large number of students as well as a large number of external researchers.