Important Announcement for 3rd, 4th and 5th Students Regarding the Clinical Training at 6 October University Hospital

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  The Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University - announces the reorganization of the training course during the two periods:

• First session in July 2018
• Second session in August 2018
Each session will be extended for 21 days
Training will be divided into:
 Clinical rounds - within the following departments:
•Pediatrics medicine
• Internal Medicine
• General Surgery
• Radiology and Emergency unit
• Clinical pharmacy
• Renal dialysis unit
• Emergency medicine
The trainee will recognize the following:
Disease diagnosis, different treatments, how to assess medical information, modern source of information.

- Lectures given by the Faculty of Medicine teaching staff  in various fields:
• Radiology, cardiology, pediatric, etc.
- Student activities and awareness campaigns for patients.
• The student will receive a certificate from the University Hospital and the Faculty of Pharmacy equivalent to 60 hours of training hours of clinical training.
• Ali who wishes to register, are kindly requested to proceed to  the secretary office of the Faculty of Medicine.