Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University ... A new Initiative towards a Better Education

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 The Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. AzzaTaher (Head of Organic Chemistry Department), with the support of Dr. Mahmoud Kohil (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University), the students of the first level were able to create an idea from Dr. Mohamed Attia (Demonstrator, Department of Chemistry), a student activity aimed at combining science and creativity in the embodiment of chemical compounds that have always been a barrier for students in high school in particular cases.

This was done during a scientific festival at the Faculty of Pharmacy as follows:

1 - During the second semester of the academic year 2017/2018 and through the Division of Organic Chemistry Pharmacy, headed by Prof. AzzaTaher and faculty members Dr. / Mohamed Abu El Wafa and Dr. / Fakher Ahmed and the Teaching Assistants, the students were divided into groups to undertake research activity of some heterogeneous organic compounds to link them with the theoretical part of the material and to train them on how to use them in the production of some drugs.

2. On Sunday, 22/4/2018, the scientific festival of organic chemistry was held, where students presented stereoscopic models of the structure of these compounds (stereochemistry), as well as posters showing the molecular form and the different uses of these organic compounds and the relationship between molecular shape and bioactivity. Printed leaflets containing a lot of information about the presence of these compounds in nature and methods of preparing them for laboratory and industrial use in the production of medicines were presented, and also included the effect of these drugs within the body and the form of medicine.

4- Dr. Mohamed Attia (Teaching Assistant) and Dr. Mohamed Bahery(Teaching Assistant) and the other members of the department's assistant staff, led by Dr. Fakher Mohamed (Lecturer in the department) and Dr. Mohamed Abu El Wafa (Lecturer in the department) Preparing for the festival which was attended by a number of doctors from inside and outside the Faculty.

At the end of the event, all the participants expressed their admiration and praised the outstanding efforts and the understanding and understanding of these groups of students, despite their young age and the novelty of joining and joining the college (students of the first level).

This event has been a great success as some participating groups have submitted proposals for amendments to improve the efficiency of some drugs chemically.

This step from the Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University is a step towards changing the form and style of traditional education.