‘Your Genome in Your Hands’ was the title of the second workshop that has been lunched at the Biotechnology Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6th University

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on the 14th and 15th of January 2015 for 10 hours. The workshop has been instructed by: Mr/Ehab Ahmed, M.Sc. Of Biochemistry and Ms/Laila Abdel Samad, B.Sc. of Biotechnology. The workshop included practical performance of the following topics: • Basic concepts and Terminology of Molecular Biology • DNA extraction from buccal cavity by Salting out Method • DNA extraction form blood using kits • UV Quantification and Purity determination of DNA • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Registration was performed online for a period of two weeks; 16 participants have applied from, both Egypt and Pakistan, 9 participants have attended the workshop following selection according to the perquisite scientific background. According to post-workshop evaluation, participants are more than satisfied (see figure below) and have recommended the workshop to their colleagues as well as requesting additional workshops in the near future