Faculty of pharmacy, The first private faculty to renew its academic accreditation

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 Faculty of pharmacy, October 6 University renews its academic accreditation as the first private faculty to have an accreditation renewal in Egypt which is covering the next five years from this first time of application. It is worth mentioning that the faculty of pharmacy was the first to be accredited among the Egyptian private Universities in March 2014. 

The granted academic accreditation renewal was according to the latest standards set by the national association of educational quality and accreditation (NAQAA) and this emphasizes the good quality of its scientific resources regarding both human and materialistic aspects. The human resources expressed in its best professional staff members and their assistants who apply the most advanced educational techniques. While the materialistic resources are expressed in its advanced research and educational laboratories and specialized research units. All of which are highly equipped with the most advanced specific tools. This renewal proves that, the faculty applies the highest standards of educational quality measures in all levels and the best use of its resources for serving the surrounding community and the great success in achieving its missions.
In this pleasant opportunity, the faculty represented in its dean, Prof. Dr/ Mahmoud koheil, its staff members, their associates, employees and workers, would like to present their deepest thanks to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaky Badr, the president of the board of trustees of October 6 University, all the board members, Prof. Dr. Gamal Samy, the university president, all the vice presidents and Prof. Dr. Dalia Taha, the manager of the educational quality unit and all the unit members. The faculty deeply appreciates their strong support, keen follow-up and encouragement on all levels which enabled us to achieve this remarkable achievement.

Dean of faculty of pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Kohail