Final League Football for Faculty of Medical Sciences of the first term of the academic year 2015- 2016

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 The final football match of the first internal football league in the faculty of applied medical sciences had been held in the last Thursday 3-12-2015 at the university stadium, between the 3rd year football team in radiology department and the 4th year football team, which ended in victory for 4th year football team of four goals to one goal for the 3rd year football team.

The league prizes were handed over in the presence of Dr. Tarek Saad, leader of the youth welfare in the University and the faculty of Pharmacy, Mr. Ahmed Allam, Director of Youth Welfare and Public Relations in the university and Dr. Mohamed Samieh Nasr eldin leader of the youth welfare in faculty of medical sciences.
As Prof. Dr. Ismail Hegazy Faculty Dean and Assistant professor. Dr. Manal Hassan, vice-dean for education and student affairs held a meeting with the winner team and honored the players.