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The Mission:

The Social Welfare Committee in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences provides social services to help students overcome the social and psychological problems and difficulties that stand in front of them and affect their studies in the faculty.
Tasks and responsibilities of the Committee on Social Welfare
1 - Prepare programs that will develop the student socially and behaviorally.
2 - The establishment of an annual plan of social care for faculty students.
3 - To overcome any difficulties that may be encountered by students in the study within the faculty
4 Study, diagnosis and treatment of individual cases (economic, write-off, absence, school delays, behavioral, health, psychological)
5 - Prepare and dispense social assistance to eligible students when they are received, and conduct social research for new cases
4 - Create and activate the academic record of students defaulting.
5 - Establishing and activating the academic record of outstanding students and talented.
6 - Guidance to provide immediate financial support for defaulting students
7- Providing self support that enables the student to benefit from his capabilities in serving himself
8. To strengthen the relationship between the faculty and the student’s parents through possible means of communication between them and strengthen the relationship between the student and the faculty for continuous interaction if possible.
9 Establishing and activating the individual case register
10 - Establishing and activating the register of social groups in the faculty.
11 - Develop academic guidance mechanisms for students
12 - Participate in the development of programs to detect the trends and talents, capabilities of students, guidance, development and investment.
13 - Design guiding signs that reflect the activity of the Social Welfare Committee.
14 - Prepare an annual report on the activity of the Committee of Social Welfare College.
15 - Keeping records and files organized for social education work.