An Art Exhibition for October Victories

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General Gamal Hegazy Assistant Secretary of Air Force Defense Deputy of Defence and Staff General Gamal Shehata, The Chief of Research and Planning Authority at the Ministry of Defense has inaugurated an Art Exhibition, on Wednesday 7/10/2015 (that lasts for a week), on the occasion of the 6th of October glorious victories (Panorama of October War 1973). The Faculty of Applied Arts participated with a number of art works in the presence of Prof. Helmy Alepeshbahy Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Prof. / Ahmed Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Prof. Mareiy Madkour, Dean of the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication, Prof.  Adel Hammam Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Prof. Salah al-Khader, Dean of the Faculty of Education.