Exhibitions by Dr. Muhammad Zakaria, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Warsaw

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 Dr. Muhammad Zakaria Sultan has held two exhibitions at two art academies in Poland in December 2019. The first exhibition was held at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and lasted until December 17 2019. It included 20 posters designed by him which were shown in different countries before. The title of the exhibition on the website of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw appeared as follows: https://bit.ly/2rhx5iy. The second exhibition has taken place at Gallery of the Polish Academy of Arts in Poland. The exhibition continued until January 11, 2020. This solo exhibition is presented as one of the awards of the sixth session of the Digital Graphic Triennale in Poland, presented by the Gallery (R +) of the Academy of Arts “Szczecin” in Poland. The accompanying photos were taken by “Ola Jedrzejewska" and publications design by Professor "Miroslaw Pawlowski".