Creativity Contest in the Faculty of Applied Arts

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"Creativity family" (Faculty of Applied Arts) invites all staff members, teaching assistants  and university students to participate in the design and art contest  "Creations of Arts & Design."

In the following areas:

First: interior and exterior designs with an innovative design and construction (plates, machines)

Second: Plastic art paintings in various techniques.

Third: cinematic images conveying meanings that serve the environment and community.

The applicants are allowed to use all different materials and techniques of their choice.

The artworks should be delivered starting from 20/10/2015 up to 11/25/2015.

Applicants will direct their work in line with the way determined by the family committees and then deliver them on 11.28.2015.

The participating artworks shall be displayed in an exhibition to be organized on the first  week in December for the academic year 2015 to 2016.