Faculty of Applied Arts organizes an Exhibition Commemorating the Late Artist Salah Taher

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Faculty of Applied Arts organized an Exhibition commemorating the late artist / Salah Taher in the Centeral Liberary under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia - President of the University, Dr. Ahmed Awad - Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Eng. Ayman Salah Taher - Artist and Chairman of Salah Taher Creative Foundation, and by cordination of Dr. Rehab Sharif, in the presence of the following guests:

Mr. Ayman Salah, a businessman and grandson of the international artist

Mr. Ahmed Youssef, Chairman of Media commission of the African Arab Council for Integration and Development & Editor in Chief of ElMasry newspaper

Mr. Mohammad Rajab, Poet, writer, a member of the Union of Writers and Cultural Counselor of the African Arab Council for Integration and Development

Dr. Essam Elsayyad, Media Consultant and Deputy Secretary General of the African Arab Council

 Prof. Taha Hussein, Literary Critic at Cairo University

Mr. Muwaffaq El Samerei, Iraqi Media Expert.

Ghazi AlFaisal, Iraqi Media Expert.

Ms. Huda Ramadan, Plastic and literary Artist