Launch of the "Doi" initiative in cooperation with UNICEF and the National Council for Children Motherhood

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The community service and environmental development sector participated in the day of the launch of the "Doi" initiative in The Manshiya Nasser, and Dr. Sahar Al-Sanbati (Secretary General of the National Council for Children and Motherhood) and A. Jeremy Hopkins (UNICEF Official) thanked and appreciated the Faculty of Applied Arts who played a great role in preparing for the launch of the initiative "Doi", which is one of the strongest initiatives for the benefit of children and mothers and in accordance with the instructions of Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi for the plan of the new Republic and the initiative of a decent life, The inauguration ceremony was attended by Prof. Rehab Sharif (Dean of the College for Community Service and Environmental Development), and Dr. Amira El-Sayed (Secretary of the Community Committee)..