Vision Exhibition for raGduation Projects

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Under the auspices of Dr. Mona Abu Tabl - Dean of the College of Applied Arts
The Faculty of Applied Arts, October 6 University, held at eleven o’clock on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 the “Vision” exhibition for graduation projects for the undergraduate stage 2020/2021, which adopts the role of the interior designer in Egypt’s Vision 2030, a national agenda launched in February From 2016 to reflect the long-term strategic plan of the Egyptian state with the aim of achieving the principles and goals of sustainable development in all fields, and settling them in the Egyptian state apparatus, which consists of three dimensions: the economic dimension, the social dimension, and the environmental dimension.
The idea of ​​holding the exhibition came from the college administration’s belief in the importance of the role of the interior designer as an active member of the Egyptian state system, and the importance of scientific institutions adopting the state’s goals and participating in achieving them.