Symposium on "Art and Design... Recycling"

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Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl - Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts and the supervision of Dr. Rehab Abdel Fattah - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs
The Faculty of Applied Arts - October 6 University organized a symposium “Art and Design.. Recycling” at eleven o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, within the framework of the initiative of the community service sector in the college “Art and Design.. Providing distinguished community services” to publish The idea of ​​recycling various materials in line with the goals of sustainable development and the Egypt 2030 plan and in the presence of a number of professors from the college and abroad and a large number of students
The symposium started with a speech from Dr. Rehab Abdel Fattah Sharif - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development (it addressed the goals of sustainable development and the importance of recycling various materials environmentally, economically and socially)
This was followed by a speech from Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl - Dean of the College of Applied Arts (in which she addressed the importance of overcoming the difficulties and challenges facing designers in designing sustainable packages and achieving the aesthetic and functional aspect of them. She explained that we aim to correct the course of society and raise awareness of the importance of designing sustainable products and making them A way of life and a primary goal to preserve the environment and reduce pollutants resulting from the accumulation of tons of waste.
Major General Engineer / Hisham Abu Sneh - Captain of Cairo Engineers, addressed during his speech (the importance of recycling of various raw materials in the economic fields and the diverse environment).
Prof. Dr. Mostafa El-Sherbiny, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Sustainable Development Experts, referred to the issue of consumption of natural resources and energy sources that increase greenhouse gas emissions and the importance of balancing between satisfying needs and meeting future aspirations, taking into account the rights of future generations, and as a result of the many environmental problems resulting from the expansion of The competitive market in the field of packaging design and production has caused tons of waste and drained natural and energy resources, and the packaging industry has become a huge burden on the environment and society. )
This was followed by the speech of Mr. Dr. Mohsen Hussein Shaheen - Advisor to the Council of Ministers - Vice Chairman of the Abu Al Feda Engineers Club, where he welcomed the hosting of environmentally friendly products exhibitions and recycling exhibitions by displaying them in the Syndicate Club so that there would be a marketing outlet for environmental products from recycling to encourage young people working in The symposium was concluded by honoring the lecturers with certificates of appreciation from the college
Organizing Committee for the symposium: Dr. Amira Al-Sayed - Eng. Iman Adel - Eng. Mirna Hussein