A “medical cultural development” convoy to the family medicine unit in Abu El Feda area, 6th of October

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 On Tuesday, August 23, the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at the College of Applied Arts participated in the university’s development convoy (medical, cultural, artistic) to the Family Medicine Unit in Abu Al-Feda area, Sixth of October

This is within the framework of the constant pursuit of sustainable development goals (Goal No. 3 - Good Health - Goal No. 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities -).
The team consisted of (3) faculty members (the vice dean and two faculty members) and (5) students. The team organized the following:
A - First - Various workshops and competitions for drawing with various techniques, and prizes for paintings were distributed to the participating children (30 children).
B - Second - the design workshop with colored paper Quilling
C - Third - Awareness of the importance of preserving the environment in accordance with the goals of sustainable development (green thought, recycling, climate change) and prizes for paintings were distributed to the adult participants