Meeting of the Academic Union of Applied Arts (Deans Council)

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In cooperation with eight fuculties and institutes at the level of Egypt, the Faculty of Applied Arts - October 6 University participated as an active member in the first meeting of the Deans Council.

The Academic Union of Applied Arts aims to:

·         Supporting the educational process between peer faculties (undergraduate and postgraduate levels)

·         Exchange visits and scientific cooperation between peer departments with the exchange of experiences in different fields (holding international conferences, seminars and exhibition).

·         Collaborating in the organization of training courses, workshops and inter-faculties workshops.

·         Joint cooperation in community service and environmental development.

The meeting of the Union was held on Monday 12/12/2016 at the Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan University


Noting that on the sidelines of the meeting, Cultural Vision Exhibition II, Was held at the Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan University, and supervised by 8 deans of the faculties of applied arts in different universities, coordinated by the Arab Society for Civilization and Islamic Arts