The Faculty of Applied Arts Honors Its Students, Teaching Staff, The Assisting Staff, and All Employees on the Occasion of the 1st International Conference of The Faculty

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 On Wednesday , March 14 , 2018 a big honoring ceremony was organized at Vip hall  October 6 university under  the patronage of Dr. Ahmed Attia Seida , the President of the University .

The ceremony was attended by:
   - Dr. kheireldin Abdellatif , Vice- Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Strategies and Cultural Relations ;
 - Dr. Ali Talaat the University’s Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs ;
- Dr. Ahmed Awad , Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts ;
The Vice Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts , October 6 University ;
-Dr. Rehab Al-Hebiri the rapporteur of the 1st  International Conference.
The Faculty of Applied Arts has organized this event in collaboration with the University in honor of all employees, students, administration, committee members, Assistant staff and supporting bodies who contributed to the success of the 1st International Conference. 
On the occasion of such Ceremony both the University and the Faculty’s Administration presented certificates of appreciation and hoped for more success for the Faculty of Applied Arts in the field of academic research and community services.