Symposium on "Applied Arts and Future Challenges"

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 Under the patronage of Prof. Ali Talaat, Acting President of the University, Prof. Musa Ibrahim, Vice President for Community Affairs and Environment Development, Prof. Ahmed Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, and Dr. Rehab Abdel Fattah, Faculty of Applied Arts for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Hala Salah, Coordinator of the Symposium

The Faculty of Applied Arts, University of 6th of October, hosted the Arab Society of Civilization and Islamic Arts in a lecture titled "Applied Arts and Future Challenges". The seminar was organized by Dr. Mohamed Zinham, President of the Arab Society for Civilization and Islamic Arts. And Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Antiquities and member of the Board of Directors of the Society, a lecture on the stones and their technical values and importance and causes of damage and how to maintain and proposals for treatment and highlight the importance of stones, especially in the Toured the sculpture, then show d / Issa Zeidan lecture on the discovery and restoration of a compound Cheops second it shows the importance of having departments of Applied Arts in the registration and documentation of relics Dr. Ibrahim Badawi presented a lecture on how to contribute designers in the fields of applied arts and their great impact in the province on our wealth and heritage of art and history in the field of specialization, and address the window treatment of the Ahmadi Mosque and presented to me The students presented the importance of this field especially to the graduates of the applied arts. At the end of the seminar, Dr. Mohammed Zainham presented a series of the Journal of Architecture, Arts and Humanities to the Dean of the College to be accessible to students of scientific research. Accra and wished to repeat those scientific and technical seminars for students of applied arts

Special thanks to Dr. Mohamed Zinham, President of the Arab Society for Civilization and the Arts, for responding to the invitation and special thanks to ... Dr. Ali Al-Tayesh, Member of the Board of Directors and Major General Ashraf Fawzi, Chairman of the Anti-Terrorism and Extremism Foundation, for honoring them.
Thanks to the students of Eco Rangers Applied Arts for their good organization