Medical Convoy to Primary Health Care Unit

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 On  March 23, 2016 and  in collaboration with the  Ministry of Health, the  Faculty of Medicine , October 6 University organized  a medical convoy to a primary health care unit(Haram City)  at the  Pyramids district . The convoy  that comprised almost all medical specialties   including, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Ophthalmology , Ear- nose and throat , paediatrics, and Gynaecology  ,aimed at  offering  the most convenient medical service to  remote   deprived poor areas, In the same context , The Faculty of Pharmacy  shared   by supplementing   the commonly needed drugs.   Students from the  above mentioned  Faculties were so much  contented  to  actively participate in the convoy arrangement,  contacting helping and guiding patients to the appropriate clinic, they also distributed flyers concerning awareness against intestinal parasites, proper administration of medications and prophylaxis against hepatitis infection .The cardiology department on the other hand arranged  a symposium tackling commonly encountered heart diseases.